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Experimental results hint at neutrino flavor change

By shooting a beam of neutrinos through a small slice of the Earth under Japan, physicists say they’ve caught the particles changing their stripes in intriguing new ways. The experiment – known as T2K – uses the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), located on the east coast, to shoot a beam of muon neutrinos […]

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Solar flares spookily linked to radioactive decay on Earth

Researchers from Stanford and Purdue University have found that the radioactive decay of some elements sitting in laboratories on Earth seems to be influenced by activities inside the sun, 93 million miles away. This finding, they speculate, may provide evidence for a previously unknown particle emitted by the sun. Around the world, students are taught […]

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MINOS Project Detects Ghostly Particles Changing “Flavor”

In an experimental first, an international team of scientists has managed to observe the all but massless neutrino particle transform from one “flavor”, or type, to another. The researchers say that their observations may better our understanding to how galaxies were formed and even explain the origin of the particles that comprise all matter in […]

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Neutrino Boogie Upsets Standard Model

A team of physicists from around the world have achieved results verifying that the elementary particle known as the neutrino exhibits a distinctive pattern of oscillation. This shows that it is likely that the Standard Model, proposed in the 1970s to describe the fundamental forces and particles that make up all matter, is incomplete. The […]

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