I have just returned from 10 days in hospital with pneumonia. Eagerly I looked at SAGG. Imagine my disappointment when, reading through a range of recent posts, I found the old familiar round of political flatulence, petty, blinkered jingoism, ad hominem sniping and self-preening verbosity. I found myself wondering if it was worth looking for any science, or resuming posting in SAGG.

Then I began reading this thread. Definitely not my subject, I have not dabbled in genetics since S101 (Open University, 1983), apart from a little that attached itself to the fossil record. It is refreshing to read a lively discussion which includes at least one person with professional knowledge. So much to learn!

I was surprised to discover that I had posted in this thread. That probably reflects my state of health at the time.

Unless having a sore back has a fitness cost (i.e. leads to fewer offspring)

Any male who had serious back problems in his more athletic reproductive years would have some bitter comments on that subject. smile

..lets see if you can figure out what those units of time are...


Perhaps not as off topic as it might seem; while in hosp I read Adam Frank's "About Time". I recommend it highly. An easy read, different approach and lots of stuff to think about; including thoughts on why we humans evolved as we did.

There never was nothing.