Rede, I'm not sure what is going on with Orac. He seems to be fairly well versed in QM, but he has a problem with being confrontational. I'm not sure why he is this way. Maybe he just likes arguing, something like Paul.

He seems to be defensive about QM. His take seems to be that QM is the answer to everything, when it is obvious that other simpler explanations work just fine in many cases. Granted that QM does underlie just about everything at the most basic level, it doesn't have to be evoked in areas where applying it produces extremely complex interactions which cannot be calculated.

That includes most areas of biology. Evolution for example is the study of variations in DNA. While DNA is formed from particles which obey QM principles the way it changes can quite easily be followed by much simpler procedures than trying to calculate the QM interactions that produce it.

Bill Gill

C is not the speed of light in a vacuum.
C is the universal speed limit.