At this point I am adding in an amusing QM story that has sort of been playing out and creating much humour for me.

In 2010 to much noise this article appeared on Quantum Darwinism

The New Journal of Physics carried a new expanded version last year

Some even claimed it was a new bright wonderful theory unifying evolution and quantum mechanics.

What do I make of it .... the claims are a pile of rubbish and thats being kind !!!!!

Repeating from the post above QM drives absolutely NOTHING it is simply a description of some underlying physics process some of which are and some of which are not understood.

Given that QM as best we know describes the entire universe it should be hardly surprising you can extend the description to cover living organisms something I have actually been arguing with you.

So congratulations to my fellow QM scientists they discovered what they should have known from the start and it should have been no surprise that QM can describe what is happening in evolution. To be honest I would have been much more surprised and shocked if they showed the reverse.

The bottom line is this garbage takes you no closer to understanding what is driving evolution it simply shows QM can describe it ... and that ends the memo from this.

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