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No one lied to you; you used an incorrect term to describe part of sexual selection.

I see so non random mating does not equal sexual selection ... to select something is by definition NON RANDOM smile

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If you continue to read your own source you'll see it says exactly what I did - that in simpler organisms we do see inheritance of inter-generational epigenetic inheritance, but it is rare in "higher" organisms, and that such inheritance is often temporary, and is lost over multiple generations.

No it doesn't and infact the latest publications in nature and other science journals highlights the controvesy.


On the status quo that epigenetic changes eventually fade out there are also a number of reasonable papers


HOWEVER the controversy is still raging and is far from settled.

This month Nature they have 5 leading researchers and none of them can agree



Their responses highlight the mixture of excitement and caution that surrounds transgenerational epigenetic inheritance and the wide gulf between species in terms of our knowledge of the mechanisms that may be involved.

To you it may be settled but to the rest of science this is far from settled.

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Your personal definition is irrelevant. Scientific terms have set & concrete definitions so that when we (scientists) discuss things there is no ambiguity.

That is a load of rubbish any term in science has ambiguity because you are trying to break a very complex concept and bring it down to a word. Pick any scientific word and I will give you ambiguity on it, your example above just shows that feature in science.

I still think you are dancing around the big difference between the two that actual true mutation you can get a something that was never present in any form prior to the event. Recombination is exactly that a simple mixing of existing items.

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