obviously you cant follow it.

i am on target.

the answer to the population problem is not to stop having sex or forcing others to stop. the answer is education.

you are one to use sarcasm, yet you cant see it when its plain in front of your nose. I don't believe in closing the border but if all the problems with America (your words basically) are due to the population increases in American that is the only solution. Americans have long since stopped having enough births to replace themselves. the only increases we are having is due to people from third world countries trying to get away from the crowding of their countries. this does not help those countries. since your so worried about the increases in the us population, this is the only choice to sooth your worries.

the answer to the problem with zpg is education of the poor and crowded areas, not complaining about those who are already doing something about it not taking care of everything in other countries. we in america really have not control over the undereducated females in india and china and other areas like that. on the other hand the goverments of india and china do and are educating their young ladies. this will decrease the population growth in a few decades. unfortuantely there are other countries that either dont care, or have no wish to educate their young ladies. those countries will continue to have population increases until such time as the world can do something about those goverments.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.