Originally posted by DA Morgan:
dehammer wrote:
"the answer to the population problem is not to stop having sex or forcing others to stop"

I didn't say that either. Nor did I imply it. Nor do I agree with it. Where does this stuff come from?
from the way that you say that the answer is simply zpg and the fact that when i discuss educations, you slam me about it. there are really only three solutions, only one of which in my mind is any good.

1) kill all the excess people in the courties that have more than they need to keep their countried at zpg. do i really need to point out how bad this one is.

2) stop people from having sex. hardly better than 1)

3) educate people. let them see what they are doing to themselfs and to their children. the majority of them would make the same decision that you and i have. that is that the planet cant sustate a higher population and that they could do their part. The qualitity of life is not about the quantity of it. its about being able to enjoy it more. education is a great step in that direction.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.