I never said that tokyo was not crowded, but he was insinuating (from what i understood him to say) that japan was getting worse all the time. he also insinuated that none of the rest of the people in the entire world knew how bad it was. if they did not, why is the chineese goverment pushing for a reduction in their population. why is japan trying to reduce its population.

btb, the town i grew up in has shrunk by over 10 percent since i graduated from high school. you see the problem is not that there are more people in the countries. its that the people are moving from small towns to larger ones and from poor countries to rich ones.

the problem is not with the developed courtries is with the underdeveloped ones. the average children per woman is inversely proportional to the level of women education in that country. the better they are educated, the fewer children they have. Its the same in all countries. before complaining about how bad things are, maybe you should find the real cause of the problem. the problem is not population growth, its poverty and lack of education. find a way to take care of those and the population will not expand like it is.

as far as the term scaremongers goes, what else would you call people that spread the stories of how bad things are going to be unless you listen to them, even if they dont have half the facts that other people have. even if they dont have a clue how to fix the problem. all they do is go around telling people how bad things are going to be and pointing fingers at the people that are different than them and blaming them for the problem. half the time, if you really look at things, youll find that the thing they are spreading stories about and saying how bad they are, really is not the problem they claim it is.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.