im not putting it that way, but there is a strong corrilation between the education of women and the birthrate of the population they are in. the better they are educated, the better their families are, and the fewer children they have.

if you are concerned about the quality of life, then you should be concerned with slowing the increase in the quantity of life at the sourse of that increase: the women of the societies that are the problem. in socieities that the women dont graduate from grade school, you find the highest level of birth per women (5 to 7). in socieites that the women are allowed to go to college, there is a reduction in the number of births per women (2 to 3). If you want zpg, stop worring about contraceptives and start working on teaching these women how to have a better life. THEY will take care of the contracptives and other methods.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.