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dehammer wrote:
"the problem is that tidal waves are most often caused by earthquates or things of that matter."

So is this one. Figuratively speaking you are standing on the beach watching the tide recede. And this is the only warning you are going to get.
so instead of enjoying the veiw of the tidal wave coming in, you think we should all run blindly into the lava thats coming down from the high ground? whats the dif? the point is to pay attension and figure out the best way. you remind me of a story i read a long time ago about some people on a small islands. there was an earthquate preceeding an eruption of the valcano on the island. many people ran around trying to find someway to avoid the tidal wave they saw comeing in. most were killed by the piroclastic cloud falling from the valcano. a few died running along the shore. a small number of them waited until the water ran out, then followed it to a cave that was underwater. with the water being pulled out, part of the cave was freed of water, allowing air to get in. these people were the only survivors of the island population. ill set here on the beach while you run into the cloud and die painfully, then im hiding in the cave.

point is, you really have to use your head. there are so many ways you can die. the thing is, if your going to and there is no way out, make sure its the best way. if nothing else and there is not hope, at least have a little bit of fun while you wait to die. theres no need to hurt yourself in the last few minutes of living if you have no chance.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.