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Mammals may shrink with warming climate

Mammal body size decreased significantly during two ancient global warming events, say paleontologists from the University of Michigan who believe that similar changes are possible in response to human-caused climate change. Researchers have long known that mammals became much smaller during a period of warming called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), about 55 million years […]

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Arctic warming causing increased snowfalls?

New evidence put forward by Georgia Institute of Technology atmospheric scientists links increasingly heavy snowfalls in the Northern Hemisphere to declining summer ice cover in the Arctic. Records show that since the level of Arctic sea ice set a new record low in 2007, significantly above-normal winter snow cover has been seen in large parts […]

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Ozone hole closure not so cool

Using a new global aerosol model and two decades of meteorological data, University of Leeds climatologists have discovered a feedback effect related to the ozone hole’s closure that could actually increase warming in the southern hemisphere. The hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic was once regarded as one of the biggest environmental threats, […]

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Global warming unstoppable?

Emissions trading schemes, zero-emission vehicles and massive carbon sequestration projects aren’t even worth bothering with, claims a controversial new study that crunched the numbers and found the only way the warming trend will stop is for the world economy to collapse. “It looks unlikely that there will be any substantial near-term departure from recently observed […]

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Asian Brown Clouds Accelerating Warming

A new study of pollution-filled “brown clouds” over south Asia has found that they enhance solar heating of the lower atmosphere by about 50 percent. The researchers, from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, say the combined heating effect of greenhouse gases and the brown clouds, which contain soot, trace metals and other particles, is enough […]

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Shrinking Icecap On Kilimanjaro Not Due To Global Warming

The dwindling icecap of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro (pictured) has assumed something like iconic status for those seeking to dramatically illustrate the supposed effects of human-induced global warming. But an article penned by two researchers in the current edition of American Scientist asserts that global warming has nothing to do with the decline of Kilimanjaro’s icecap. […]

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Greenhouse Gases Taking The Heat For Dirty Snow

The global warming debate has until now focused almost entirely on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, but scientists at the University of California – Irvine, suggest that a lesser-known problem – dirty snow – could explain the Arctic warming attributed to greenhouse gases. Dirty snow is created when particulate matter from exhausts, smoke […]

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Winter Ain’t What it Used To Be

New England residents may dread the severe winters that the region often suffers, but they might be surprised to learn that those winters appear to be getting milder and shorter. At least, that’s according to research in the journal Climatic Change, which suggests that the total number of days of ice on the region’s rivers […]

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