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Innovative fiber optic imager may soon photograph exoplanets

A new instrument that combines two high-resolution telescope techniques – adaptive optics and interferometry – has for the first time resolved in visible light the individual stars in the binary star system Capella, 43 light years from Earth. Astronomers using the instrument say it holds great promise for eventually picking out and imaging planets around […]

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NGC6744 is a galaxy very much like our own Milky Way in appearance.  A barred spiral galaxy, NGC6744 lies at a distance from Earth estimated at 30 million light years. The galaxy is 150,000 light years in diameter. Like the Milky Way, it contains an estimated hundred thousand million stars.
Used with permission by:  UW-Madison University Communications 608-262-0067
Photo by:  courtesy Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) project
Date:  2005     File#:  scan provided

Black Holes A Cosmic Contraceptive?

Astronomers from Yale and Leiden University in The Netherlands have discovered that old stars dominated many large galaxies in the early universe, raising the issue of why these galaxies progressed into galactic adulthood so early on in the life of the universe. Cosmologists know that every year, only a handful of new stars are born […]

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Stars Gone Wild

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has snapped some pictures of the dusty core of two merging galaxies and uncovered a region where star formation has gone wild. The colliding galaxies appear as a single, strange looking galaxy named Arp 220 (the galaxy is the 220th object in Halton Arp’s Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies). Astronomers say the […]

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