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Slimy Future Predicted For World’s Oceans

Habitat destruction, overfishing, ocean warming, increased acidification and massive nutrient runoff are combining to turn Earth’s oceans into simplistic ecosystems dominated by microbes, toxic algal blooms, jellyfish and disease, says Jeremy Jackson, a professor of oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. He contends that human activities are cumulatively driving the health […]

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Tunguska Revisited

The huge forest devastation at Tunguska a century ago in Siberia may have been caused by an asteroid only a fraction as large as previously published estimates, Sandia National Laboratories supercomputer simulations suggest. “The asteroid that caused the extensive damage was much smaller than we had thought,” says Sandia’s Mark Boslough. “That such a small […]

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Meteor Craters The Cradle Of Life?

A presentation scheduled for a joint meeting of the Geological Society of America and the Geological Association of Canada will explore the idea that the heavy bombardment of Earth by meteors during the planet’s youth actually jump-started early life on the planet. These musings on the beginnings of early life struck Canadian Space Agency geologist […]

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