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1st Rule Of Evolution: Strive For Complexity

Scientists from the University of Bath have revealed what may well be the first ‘rule’ of evolution – a pervasive drive for organisms to become increasingly more complex. Reporting their findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers looked back through the last 550 million years of the fossil catalogue to […]

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Evolutionary Risk Distribution Law Identified

Taking a “chance” is one of the impulses that drives evolution. But when do cells retain specific gene sequences, and when do they allow evolution to experiment with them? Now, new research from the Weizmann Institute indicates that a sort of “risk distribution law” is in effect. Prof. Naama Barkai of the Weizmann Institute’s Molecular […]

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Evolution Makes A Mockery Of Fishing Policy

The fishing mantra of harvesting the largest individuals from a fish population introduces genetic changes that harm the overall fish population, a new University of California study has found. The researchers say that removing the large fish over several generations causes the remaining fish in the population to become progressively smaller, have fewer and smaller […]

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Superfast Evolutionary Change In Mice Observed

A study of a common wild mouse by two University of Illinois at Chicago biologists has found evidence of dramatic evolutionary change in a span of just 150 years, suggesting genetic evolution can occur a lot faster than many had thought possible. The findings are the first report of such quick evolution in a mammal […]

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