Hello Zephir,

I recently discovered your site and AWT theory which I am reading with great interest.

Science does seem to have become more of a business and a religion and less of an institution to promote critical thinking. The system discourages critical thinking if it might tend to invalidate the prior work of others. Sadly not very scientific!

Similar is suggested about recent discoveries that Dr. Albert Einstein may have been correct when he rejected the idea that the quantum world is random. The NewScientist article "Quantum randomness may not be random" suggests that it may require overwhelming evidence that Bohmian Mechanics is superior to standard quantum mechanics before it is accepted.[1] To be found equal (as it now appears to be) is only enough to be ignored almost completely! (Interesting similar discussion here: http://startswithabang.com/?p=1304#comment-62654)

I also find interesting AWT's theory that the aether is extremely dense. Speculative attempts to model mass at mass.bigcrash.org suggest that the aether may be so dense that it exerts a powerful gravity that pulls on mass in all directions.[2] Interesting pattern of similar thinking.

Administrator, LHCFacts.org

[1] NewScientist, Quantum randomness may not be random (22 March 2008) http://space.newscientist.com/article/mg19726485.700

[2] Mass Theory, http://Mass.BigCrash.org