The conservative character of contemporary science consist in fact, it's interested about phenomena just because they're fitting the well established theories (like the Higgs boson of Standard Model, for the support of which an incredible money were invested) - not because they can refute these theories. From this moment the originally progressive science turned into reactionary, success oriented movement.

By such way, a whole range of controversial, but extremely interesting & important phenomena (like cold fusion, aether model, various psychic phenomena, etc.) are systematically ignored by mainstream science - although one would expect, they're will be considered with caution just because they can disprove the established paradigms. This is because of peer-review and grant system, which prohibits a local mutations and mistakes, so that the curious, investigative character of science was suppressed gradually. This effectively turned the science into sort of theology: it looks only for the reasons, by which it can be confirmed, but not refuted.

By such approach, the meaning of scientific method based on falsifications of theories was turned upside down. From Poppers methodology, one would expect, the scientists will be interested about cold fusion just because it can help to falsify the existing theories - but exactly the opposite is true by now. The contemporary science isn't interested about falsification experiments at all, it just seeks for further confirmations to keep its social position and esteem in the eyes of publicity - pretty well like theology of medieval era.

Such behavior has a deep physical meaning from Aether Wave Theory perpsective, which is using a concept of nested foam, which changes its curvature from positive to negative with scale. By such way, the originally progressive object changes with scale into regressive one, a sort of black hole, which prohibits a further evolution. The grant and peer-review system of contemporary science which helps the science locally is changing it into social collapsar filled by boson condensate, which is separated from the rest of society.

The problem is, the scientists cannot detect such evolution well - it can be perceived just by people, who are staying outside of science. From inside perspective the science remains pretty self-consistent environment with no conceptual problems at all. We can met with such behavior at the case of gravitational lensing, which appears to fit the Lorentz invariance perfectly from local perspective - although it violates it apparently from the global perspective. But the observer inside of gravitational lens cannot detect it, being curved together with the space-time, in which (s)he resides.

The memo is, every law or paradigm, which helps the system in evolution locally is violated at the large scale, so it exhibits an opposite effect here. From very global perspective is changes a system into foam, where its role is changing from place to place randomly. Here's no reason not to consider, even the AWT paradigm itself has its own limits, but its violation cannot be detected at the scope of AWT, but from perspective of even more general theory.