I read the content at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Sage%27s_theory_of_gravitation

Fotio-LeSage theory appears to be rather opposite, it theorizes a force pushing rather than pulling in all directions.

The concept at mass.bigcrash.org just applies classic general relativity theory to conclude that if the aether itself contains an extremely dense amount of energy then the aether should warp space and time (as described by GR) and cause a pull (not push) on matter in all directions. (GR theorizes that matter is accelerated toward areas of greater density, in this case matter in the aether should be accelerated toward the aether, or accelerated outward in all directions).

If correct (big if) that should tend to impart mass on matter by combining the concept of gravity from general relativity with the concept of a very dense aether that similarly warps space time...