Every model - despite of its apparent simplicity - should bring something new into existing understanding, the testable prediction(s) in particular. The main advantage of AWT is in ability to model and explain the main ad-hoced aspects of contemporary theories, the light speed invariance and the mass-energy equivalence of relativity theory and the quantum wave nature of quantum mechanics.

Concerning the light speed invariance, tnis concept can be divided into invariance with respect to environment (i.e. the absence of reference frame of environment) and with respect to observer. The first invariance is much more easier to understand.

The whole trick here is, the speed of every wave can be considered invariant with respect to its environment by its very definition. This is because the environment for wave spreading cannot be detected just by using of such wave. If some particle is serving as an environment, it cannot serve as a subject of observation in this environment and vice-versa - simply because no object can serve as a mean of its own observation.

From the above insight follows, every attempt to detect the environment just by using of waves, which are using the same environment for its spreading is hopeless nonsense even from purely semantic point of view. The question remains, why so many brilliant people have tried (and failed, of course...) to detect the environment for light wave spreading just by using of light waves? We are facing the flagrant misunderstanding of the Aether concept again.