Gravity a Simple Idea
© Eugene Bunt

What if luminiferous aether were flexible, depending on time-scale for its local fabric size?

The greatest scientific minds have unsuccessfully searched for gravity for over a hundred years using the best equipment available. To date, nobody has found any evidence of a gravity particle or gravity wave. What if we accept experimental results and look for another reason for gravity?

If gravity were the product of a collection of mass, you would expect the center of the Earth to be hollow because the pull from all sides would cancel the pull from opposite sides there.

Einstein proposed that gravity is caused by warped space/time. This idea has been validated by astronomers photographing background constellations during a solar eclipse. The results were astonishing in that the star's positions were not drawn closer to the Sun, but were farther from the surface as if you were observing them through a huge positive lens. Einstein described the mechanics of this bending of light by imagining the process of light passing through a series of elevators rising from the Sun's surface (The Evolution of Physics © 1938 by Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld page 220.) As light enters the far-side moving toward you observation point, it enters at a higher level, as it traverses the rising elevator it would necessarily exit at a lower level on your side. This transfer of light from elevator to elevator bends light so that it appears to be coming from a wider angle than a straight line past the surface of the Sun.

Putting two ideas together: Sir Isaac Newton first law of motion: 1>There exists a set of inertial reference frames relative to which all particles with no net force acting on them will move without change in their velocity. This means a body moves through space freely without resistance. 2>Einsteins rising elevator proposal, the fabric of space is being generated within a bodies gravitational field. All matter has kinetic energy, momentum. Change in momentum lags change in velocity. Space move freely through matter without resistance. Matter acquires momentum by moving through space. Matter is stopped by the Earth's surface creating deceleration. Gravity is the same as centripetal force, change in direction due to an outside force. Each new wave of passing space adjust the momentum of matter according to its current state of acceleration because change in momentum lags change in velocity.

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