I'm sure you have confidence in your theory here is some experimental support for your AWT idea. One of the postulates of quantum mechanics is that electrons in an atom have two possible spins, up or down. Long ago an experiment was conducted shooting individual electron's through an aperture, they came through the aperture in sequential order of three orientations, the second perpendicular to the first and the third perpendicular to the prior two. The surface of an aperture is actually dancing around while light is passing through, as the light nears the edge it is deflected by the current location creating wave patterns. This vibration effect is accentuated by the amount of surface material. Electron's are similarly affected by the state of vibration of the apertures edge, with two possible electron spins within the atom the electron will spin synchronous to those electron's, the surface will vibrate up-and-down, side-to-side, and back-and-forth parallel to the electron's path. Three orientations are filtered by the surface electron's. One motion is canceled by traveling with the electron's path at aperture jump time, while the other two are canceled by the side-surface electron's orientations at jump time. Matter moves in quantum jumps.

Aperture sides also filter light as in a box camera, only light polarized to the deflecting side of the aperture will pass leaving only one polarized photon per location on the back of the box.

To further understand light polarization and analyzing I use the optical illusion of two crossing power lines on a utility pole, where the cross under the right lighting conditions the lines seem to disappear. The first wire polarizes the light by amplified vibrating up-and-down because the atoms are expanding and contracting longitudinally in the wire. The second wire allows photons similarly aligned to pass making both wires disappear at their intersection point. Another trick is to observe your neighbors horizontal siding while looking close to the railing of your deck, the lines of the siding magnify while close to the rail surface.

One more experiment to show how wave features are obvious from all vantage points.
This experiment was conducted by partially filling a fish tank with water containing a trace of fluorescein powder (fluorescein sparkles allowing the path of light to be visible.) Then slowly add brine through a tube to the bottom of the tank so it doesn't mix with the water. Now shine a narrow beam of light through the fish tank at brine level. The light will appear straight looking down the beam but appears wavy from a side observation.

The illustrations are from a book I wrote years ago, What is Gravity? You may use them to reinforce your theory. The illustration did not come through. I will post them on google knol with reference to your awt theory.