Marc P reveals himself as a manipulative and an ignorant person typical of that of a creationist. I?m referring to the cut and paste job:

Is an example, there are more.

I came to this site because of a keen interest in science and would never have posted anything on religion if I had not been troubled by the amount of posts trying to give religion a kicking. DA Morgan and Uncle Al in particular seem to have a bent for attacking faith matters.

I will not start another topic regarding faith or anything related, but reserve the right to respond to people who rubbish any belief in anything outside the realm of nature.

Based on Amaranth's comments, people have had a bellyful of religious people attacking the site - that is not my intention.

And I agree that many, many religious people are insecure in their beliefs. It is my contention that they do not know what they believe well enough. It is like the old saying - They have just enough religion to hate - but not quite enough to love.