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Scientists propose test run for nuking asteroid

After five years of work, a team of scientists from Iowa State University are proposing a $500 million test launch of an asteroid interception system. Led by Bong Wie, of the university’s Asteroid Deflection Research Center, the team will be presenting their research at NASA’s Technology Day on the Hill, next month in Washington, D.C. […]

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Chaos computing researcher touts new silicon “chaogate”

Seeking to exploit the vast pattern formation properties of chaotic systems, a team of chaos computing researchers has created a silicon alternative to the conventional computer logic gate – the “chaogate.” The team behind the innovation says that it holds great significance for the semiconductor industry. Reporting their work in the journal Chaos, the researchers […]

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Neanderthal innovation surprises archaeologists

It was previously believed that Neanderthals developed tools and ornaments solely through contact with supposedly more advanced Homo sapiens, but new research from the University of Colorado Denver shows that these sturdy ancestors could adapt, innovate and evolve technology on their own. The findings, appearing in the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, challenge the […]

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GM Tomatoes May Pave Way For Other Drought Resistant Crops

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencescarries news of a new genetically modified (GM) tomato plant that can thrive in drought conditions. The research team, from Texas A&M University, modified tomato plants to over-express the gene AVP1, which resulted in stronger, larger root systems that made better use of limited water. Researcher Dr. Kendal […]

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Nano-Imprinting Promises Even Smaller Electronics

In a discovery that could lead to dramatically smaller computer chips and other electronic components, Princeton scientists have found a way to mass produce devices that are so small they are at the limit of what can be viewed by the most powerful microscopes. The achievement is an advance over current techniques, which require expensive […]

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Cheap Hydrogen Thanks To New Catalyst

Scientists have developed a hydrogen-making catalyst that uses cheaper materials and yields fewer contaminants than do current processes, while extracting the element from common renewable plant sources. Further, the new catalyst lies at the heart of a chemical process the authors say is a significant advance in producing alternate fuels from domestic sources. In the […]

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