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Dead Sea dying?

The water levels in the Dead Sea are dropping at an alarming rate (14 km3 of water in the last 30 years) with serious environmental consequences, according to scientist Shahrazad Abu Ghazleh, from the University of Technology in Darmstadt in Germany. Abu Ghazleh’s study, published this week in Naturwissenschaften, shows that the drop in water […]

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Likely sea level rise underestimated

If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapses, as many experts believe it will because of global warming, the resulting sea level rise will be significantly higher than is currently projected, a new study published in Science has found. Already projected to average between 16 and 17 feet around the world, the new figures suggest the […]

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Fish Hatcheries Cause Stunning Loss Of Reproductive Fitness

Trout raised in hatcheries suffer a dramatic and unexpectedly fast drop in their ability to reproduce in the wild, a study from Oregon State University (OSU) has found. The researchers say that important questions now need to be asked about the wisdom of historic hatchery practices. Published in Science, the study demonstrates for the first […]

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All Hands To The Pumps! Here Comes The Sea

Just when you thought the news about climate change couldn’t get any worse, new projections suggest that the warming climate could melt the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets much sooner than previously thought, leading to a global sea level rise of at least 20 feet. The scientists behind the new research warn that if the […]

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Sea Level Rise Accelerating

Rutgers University scientists, reporting in the journalScience, say that global ocean levels are rising twice as fast today as they were 150 years ago, and warming from human activities appears to be the culprit. The speed of the rise today is two millimeters per year, compared to one millimeter annually for the past several thousand […]

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