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Brain can “tidy-up” nanojunk, say Swedish boffins

Concerns about the biological safety of nanotechnology are increasing voiced by the medical community, but Euro researchers say that their experiments with rats show that the brain can effectively deal with any bits of nanowaste that might find their way there. Their work appears in the journal Nano Letters. The researchers, from Lund University in […]

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Holiday safety tips for head-bangers

The head-banging dance style that supposedly began at a Led Zeppelin concert in 1968 is a staple part of the lifestyle for the dedicated heavy metal fan; but medicos warn that too much vigorous head-banging can cause head and injury. Anecdotal reports of head banging induced injury include hearing loss, stroke and mild traumatic brain […]

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Safety Of Ayurvedic Medicines Questioned

An analysis of traditional Indian medicines purchased via the Internet found that 20 percent of the products contained levels of lead, mercury and/or arsenic that exceeded acceptable standards. Known as Ayurvedic medicines, the remedies are used by a majority of India’s population and an increasing number of Westerners. Ayurvedic medicines are divided into two major […]

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