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Penile presence makes for abominable affairs

Men are more than twice as likely to continue dating a girlfriend who has cheated on them with another woman than one who has cheated with another man, say University of Texas bonk boffins. But for women, it’s the opposite. They are more likely to continue dating a man who has had a heterosexual affair […]

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Couples’ language use predicts relationship success

People tend to be attracted to, and have relationships with, other people who resemble themselves in terms of personality, values, and physical appearance. However, these features only skim the surface of what makes a relationship work. The ways that people talk are also important, according to a new study inPsychological Science, which suggests that people […]

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Goodbye Mr Nice Guy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, researchers have turned up some new answers to the age-old question of what we want in our partners. It turns out that “chastity” is unimportant and men are more interested in an educated woman who is a good financial prospect; and women are more interested in a man who […]

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Red makes men behave “like animals”

A new study by two University of Rochester psychologists adds color – literally and figuratively – to the age-old question of what attracts men to women. Through five experiments, Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta demonstrate that the color red makes men feel more amorous toward women. Most surprisingly, men are unaware of the role the […]

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Primatologists Snap Rare Gorilla Nookie Pic

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have released the first known photographs of gorillas performing face-to-face copulation in the wild. This is the first time that western gorillas have been observed and photographed making the beast-with-two-backs. The photographs were captured in a forest clearing in Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park […]

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Females Finessed By Fishy Fellatio

Researchers from Konstanz University in Germany have identified a gene in male cichlid fish that evolved to lure female fish into close proximity so that the male can deposit sperm in the female’s mouth. The study, in BMC Biology, reveals that the gene is responsible for egg-like markings on the fin which are central to […]

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3 Seconds To Choose A Mate

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania studying dating data from more than 10,000 members of a speed dating agency have uncovered rare behavioral data on how people act in dating situations. “Some people say they’re looking for one kind of person, then choose another. Other people say they don’t even know what they’re looking for. […]

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