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Stretchy battery can bend and twist

A team of scientists from Northwestern University and the University of Illinois are the first to demonstrate a stretchable lithium-ion battery – a flexible, wirelessly charged device that could power a range of innovative, stretchable electronic appliances. Northwestern’s Yonggang Huang and the University of Illinois’ John A. Rogers detail their invention in the journal Nature […]

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New imaging device is flexible, flat, transparent, and disposable

An Austrian research team has developed an entirely new way of capturing images based on a flat, flexible, transparent, and potentially disposable polymer sheet. Resembling a flexible plastic film, the imager uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors around the edge of the sheet. […]

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Stanford announces peel-and-stick solar panels

Solar cells have traditionally been deployed in heavy, fixed panels, but Stanford scientists aim to change that with the development of flexible, decal-like photovoltaic panels that can be peeled off like band-aids and stuck to virtually any surface. The breakthrough cells which deliver the same efficiency as regular solar panels are described in the, ahem, […]

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