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Energy poverty linked to cognitive deficits

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside and Pitzer College say they have found children exposed to open-fire cooking in developing countries experience difficulty with memory, problem-solving and social skills. Past research identified numerous health risks to those exposed to smoke from open cooking fires, but this is the first time it has been associated […]

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Grants to spur search for more robust crops

Climate change is having the most negative impact in the poorest regions of the world, already causing a decrease in yields of most major food crops due to droughts, floods, increasingly salty soils and higher temperatures. Now, the Global Crop Diversity Trust is undertaking a major effort to search seed collections for the traits that […]

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Dementia In Developing World “Substantially Underestimated”

Health experts had previously estimated the prevalence of dementia in the developing world at between a quarter and a fifth of that recorded in developed nations, but these estimates may have substantially underestimated the problem, suggests new research. The new figures are important as dementia and other age-related illnesses are increasing in prevalence and will […]

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