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Jellyfish significant contributors to large-scale ocean mixing

Climate change scientists may need to rethink the factors governing the interaction of the world’s oceans, thanks to new findings published inNature that show the global power input from swimming creatures such as jellyfish is as much as a trillion watts of energy, comparable to that of wind and tidal forces. “The perspective we usually […]

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Back to the drawing board for North Atlantic circulation

The conveyor belt paradigm that is used to describe the North Atlantic ocean’s circulation has it that the Gulf Stream-warmed ocean releases heat to the atmosphere in the northern North Atlantic, leaving ocean water colder and denser as it moves north. But this is a vast oversimplification, say oceanographers. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and […]

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Human Activity Driving Changes In Atmospheric Circulation

While there is widespread agreement that human activities are warming the climate, there has been little consensus on the effect this warming may have on the large scale atmospheric dynamics that shape the Earth’s climate. Now, a new study has found that the principal loop of winds – known as the Walker circulation – that […]

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