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New technique for thought-controlled data input almost as accurate as one-fingered typing

When we type or perform other precise tasks, our brains and muscles usually work together effortlessly. But when a neurological disease or spinal cord injury severs the connection between the brain and limbs, once-easy motions become difficult or impossible. In recent years researchers have sought to give people suffering from injury or disease some restored […]

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Scientists demo first direct brain-to-brain communication between humans

Using non-invasive techniques, an international team of researchers have demonstrated direct brain-to-brain communication between two human subjects located 5,000 miles apart. Their experiment, detailed in the journal PLOS ONE, involved reading the brain activity of the first subject, transmitting that information over the Internet, and then “inserting” the information into the brain of the second […]

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Ultrasound used to enhance senses

Ultrasound is widely used in medicine to reveal what’s happening inside the body, but scientists at Virginia Tech have found that ultrasound can also modulate brain activity to heighten sensory perception in humans. Researcher William Tyler (pictured) said his team’s work provides the first proof that low-intensity, transcranial-focused ultrasound can modulate human brain activity to […]

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A good book can rewire your brain

The scientists behind a novel study into reading say that when we immerse ourselves into a work of fiction, lingering changes occur in the connectivity of our brains. The intriguing new findings, by researchers at Emory University, have been published in the journal Brain Connectivity. “Stories shape our lives and in some cases help define […]

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