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Did feminization create modern humans?

Duke University anthropologists have been measuring more than 1,400 ancient and modern skulls, leading them to theorize that modern humans emerged at the same time as a lowering of testosterone levels. While modern humans appear in the fossil record from around 200,000 years ago, it was only about 50,000 years ago that the creation of […]

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Testosterone fails as menopausal magic bullet

A new study involving women with early onset menopause found no detrimental effects from testosterone supplementation, but there were no significant improvements either; in quality of life, self esteem, or mood. “Bringing testosterone back up to normal may not bring them [menopausal women] the boost they hoped for,” the researchers report in the journal Menopause. […]

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Testosterone enhances desire to sing, but not song quality

Scientists listening to the effects of testosterone on birdsong say their findings have broad implications for understanding how steroid use in humans affects sexual behaviors and how hormones regulate the different components of speech in humans. Their research is detailed in the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For the male canary, the ability […]

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Significant testosterone deficiency found in obese boys

For the first time, medicos have measured testosterone levels in teens of different weights and found that obese males aged between 14 and 20 have up to 50 percent less testosterone, significantly increasing their potential to be impotent and infertile as adults. The study was conducted by researchers from the University at Buffalo and the […]

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No link between age and testosterone levels

A new study from Australia adds weight to earlier European research that found no correlation between men’s ages and their testosterone levels. The University of Sydney researchers speculate that poor health is the most likely contributor to reduced libido and fatigue in older men. The findings, presented at the The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting […]

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Researchers speculate that hormonal imbalances might create geniuses

The discussion about whether genius is a byproduct of good genes or good environment may take an entirely new direction, say Canadian researchers who contend that hormonal influences in the womb may play an important role in creating intellectually gifted individuals. University of Alberta researcher Marty Mrazik has linked giftedness (having an IQ score of […]

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Testosterone: empathy killer

An administration of testosterone under the tongues of volunteers negatively affected their ability to “read” the minds of others, an indication of empathy. Interestingly, this effect is predicted by a fetal marker of prenatal testosterone, the 2D:4D ratio. The study, therefore, provides further support for the androgen theory of autism. The researchers, from Utrecht and […]

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Male menopause mostly mythical

Although there has been a 400 percent surge in testosterone therapy prescriptions, European researchers say that the so-called male menopause (formally known as late-onset hypogonadism) is relatively rare, affecting only 2 percent of men. The new study, published in theNew England Journal of Medicine, contends that most men who believe they are suffering a reduction […]

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Male testosterone levels surge with ovulation

Instead of using perfume to attract a mate, women may be better off going au naturel, say researchers from Florida State University who observed surges in testosterone when men were exposed to ovulatory odors. Scientists have known for some time that testosterone levels in male animals are influenced by the odor signals emitted by females. […]

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