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Leadership can be an inherited trait, study finds

Using a large twin sample, an international research team found that a quarter of the observed variation in leadership behaviors between individuals can be explained by genes passed down from their parents. The researchers, from University College London, Harvard, NYU, and the University of California, say they are the first to identify a specific DNA […]

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Turbulence Gets Web-Slingers Flying

Researchers are using a new model to explain how spiders “fly” or “parachute” on their webs, a trick that lets them cover incredible distances on a single thread of silk when evading danger or re-colonizing. Improving on existing theory by adding in the effects of turbulence, the new model shows how spiders can sometimes travel […]

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Dramatic Assymetrical Matter, Antimatter Decay Observed

Physicists believe that when the universe began, matter and antimatter were present in equal amounts. But all observations indicate that the universe is made only of matter, so one of the big questions that physicists want to answer is “what happened to the antimatter?” Physicists conducting the BaBar (B and B-Bar) experiment at the Stanford […]

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