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Distant galaxy poses astronomical puzzle

Astronomers have found the most distant gravitational lens yet – a galaxy that (as predicted by Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity) deflects and intensifies the light of an even more distant object. However, the discovery poses a mystery: lenses of this kind should be exceedingly rare, so astronomers either have been phenomenally lucky in […]

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Moon Dust Could Be Key Ingredient For Giant Lunar Telescope

The idea of an optical telescope on the moon gets astronomers understandably excited. With no atmosphere to blur incoming light, a lunar telescope could capture razor sharp images at magnifications that would not be possible with terrestrial ‘scopes. But a major stumbling block – the cost of getting telescope construction materials to the moon – […]

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Carbon Isotopes Reveal Ancient, Abrupt Climate Change

A new study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography illustrates how global warming caused by greenhouse gases can quickly disrupt ocean processes and lead to drastic climatic and biological changes around the world. The researchers say that although the events unfolded millions of years ago, the findings provide clues that may help us better understand […]

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