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Table-top particle accelerator sets world record

Using a small, inches-long device, researchers have accelerated subatomic particles to the highest energies ever recorded from a compact particle accelerator. With further development, the Berkeley Lab researchers believe they can shrink traditional, miles-long accelerators to machines that can fit on a table. The researchers sped up the electrons inside a nine-centimeter (4 inch) long […]

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Collapse of Universe may be sooner rather than later

It could happen tomorrow, it could happen in a billion years, but whenever it is, calculations by physicists at the University of Southern Denmark indicate that the risk of the Universe collapsing is even greater than previously thought. The doomsday scenario that’s been refined by the Danish researchers is known as “The Big Slurp.” The […]

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Honey, I Shrunk The Particle Accelerator

Is that a particle accelerator in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Scientists investigating the mysteries of the sub-atomic domain could soon benefit from the dramatic results achieved with a micro-accelerator for electron beams. In a remarkable demonstration of the potential of laser-wakefield acceleration, scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory […]

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