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Clever cats use mimicry when hunting

In a fascinating example of vocal mimicry, researchers have documented for the first time a margay wild cat (Leopardus wiedii) imitating the call of its intended victim: a small, squirrel-sized monkey known as a pied tamarin (Saguinus bicolor). The extraordinary behavior was recorded by researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Federal University of […]

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Honeybee shows surprising numeric skills

Honeybees can discriminate between patterns containing two and three dots – without having to count the dots, a research team reports in the journal PLoS ONE. And, with a bit of training, the bees can learn to tell the difference between three and four dots. However at four, bee maths seems to run out. The […]

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Routine Tool Use By Wild Monkeys Observed

University of Georgia psychologist Dorothy Fragaszy and co-researchers, have just published the first direct scientific report of tool use among a population of wild capuchin monkeys. There have been reports of single instances of this behavior but never of a whole population using tools routinely over a long period of time. Using heavy stones transported […]

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