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Disease breathalyzer more sensitive than blood tests

Using what University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists call a “metabolic breathalyzer,” diseases such as diabetes, cancer and infections could be detected much earlier than is currently possible with blood tests. In the journal Metabolism the researchers describe a simple but sensitive method that can distinguish normal and disease-state glucose metabolism by a quick assay of exhaled […]

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Meal times drive critical circadian rhythms

When you eat may affect your health as much aswhat you eat, say Salk Institute researchers who discovered that the body’s critical metabolic functions are mostly controlled by food intake, and not by the body’s circadian clock as was previously believed. “If feeding time determines the activity of a large number of genes completely independent […]

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Sex Life Of Bacteria Under The Microscope

The pressures to evolve antibiotic resistance and other new abilities in response to a changing environment, force bacteria to “steal” genetic information from other better-adapted types of bacteria through the bacterial equivalent of sex, known as horizontal gene transfer. This lets the bacteria evolve the networks of chemical reactions that enable them to do new […]

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