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Tiny jellyfish has proto-eye linked to stingers

The first steps in the evolution of an eye may be evident in the hydra’s stinging tentacles, say scientists who have discovered that the tentacles are light sensitive and operate in fundamentally the same way as the eyes in animals. The findings, in the journal BMC Biology, indicate that even in the absence of complex […]

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“Fleeing galaxies” tracked deeper into universe

Led by Alexander Kashlinsky at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, a new study of distant galaxy clusters mysteriously streaming at a million miles per hour towards the constellations Centaurus and Hydra has tracked this enigmatic “dark flow” to twice the distance originally reported. “This is not something we set out to find, but we cannot […]

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Jellyfish Quickest On The Draw?

Using a super-fast camera, researchers from the University of Heidelberg have captured the explosive discharge of tiny jellyfish stingers (nematocytes), revealing what could be the fastest cellular process in nature. Working with Hydra magnpapillata and Hydra oligactis, the researchers believe they are the first to quantify the kinetics and forces involved in the stinging action. […]

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