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Disease breathalyzer more sensitive than blood tests

Using what University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists call a “metabolic breathalyzer,” diseases such as diabetes, cancer and infections could be detected much earlier than is currently possible with blood tests. In the journal Metabolism the researchers describe a simple but sensitive method that can distinguish normal and disease-state glucose metabolism by a quick assay of exhaled […]

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High protein low GI diet wins weight loss test

Which diet is the most effective for shedding weight? According to Danish researchers who have just completed the world’s largest study into diet and weight loss, one that is high in proteins with less starch calories is the optimum way to lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI. The large-scale study, involving eight European research […]

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Stillbirth linked directly to mother’s oral bacteria

Confirming long-held suspicions, a Case Western Reserve University researcher has for the first time established a direct link between a mother’s oral bacteria and the death of her fetus. Researcher Yiping Han’s revelations about Fusobacterium nucleatum and its likely role in pre-term labor and stillbirths appear in the February issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The […]

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