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Consciousness: Big brains not necessary

A bigger brain doesn’t mean more intelligence, say biologists at the University of London who suggest that insects could be as intelligent as much bigger animals and that only a few thousand neurons may be necessary to generate consciousness. Differences in brain size are extreme. A whale’s brain can weigh up to 9 kg (with […]

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Laser Used To Get Thunderclouds Sparking

Using a powerful ground-based laser, European scientists were able to induce electrical activity in thunderclouds, a precursor to stimulating lightning strikes on demand. Optics Expressreports that the experiment was conducted at the top of South Baldy Peak, in New Mexico, where the laser pulses created electricity conducting plasma filaments in the clouds. The filaments were […]

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New Method For Introducing Transgenic Material

Biologists from Kyoto University have succeeded in producing the first animal offspring with transgenic material carried directly from sperm stem cells “infected” by a retrovirus. Some of the resulting transgenic mice reproduced and passed on the new genetic material to their offspring. The researchers, led by Dr. Takashi Shinohara, injected the retrovirus into the seminiferous […]

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