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Robots get micro-tentacles to handle delicate objects

Using a transparent elastomer, Iowa State University scientists have created tiny tentacles that robots can wrap around delicate objects to handle them safely. The spiraling microrobotic tentacles are described in a research paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. Demonstrating how one of the tentacles encircled an ant’s thorax, softly trapping the insect, lead researcher […]

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Memristor artificial synapse circuit demonstrated

In what its UC Santa Barbara developers say is a significant step toward brain-like computing; a memristor-based circuit of about 100 artificial synapses has performed a typical human task: image classification. In the researchers’ demonstration, the circuit implementing the rudimentary artificial neural network was able to successfully classify three letters (“z”, “v” and “n”) by […]

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Selfie shots used to monitor mental health

University of Rochester computer scientists have developed innovative software that turns smartphones into mental health monitoring devices. Describing the project at this week’s American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference in Austin, Texas, researcher Jiebo Luo said the program analyzes “selfie” images and videos taken as the user engages with social media. Rather than direct interaction […]

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“Super-Turing” AI gets development funding

University of Massachusetts Amherst computer scientist Hava Siegelmann has received funding to develop the first ever “Super-Turing” computer. Based on analog recurrent neural networks, Siegelmann says the device will usher in a level of intelligence not seen before in artificial computation. Mathematician and alpha-geek Alan Turing(pictured) set out the basis for the digital computers we […]

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