geez, thats alot of work.

well if the robots are the ones planting the seeds , then
they know where the plants will grow (data storage).

everything green around that area could be plucked up.

so all you need is a color identifier.

a simple color number program can do that in a few lines of code.

pixel = 0
color = (20000 to 20100)
sub pick_color()
for pixel = 0-50000000
get image.pixel.color.value
if image.pixel.color.value = color then goto pluck
pixel = pixel + 1
next pixel
end sub

sub pluck()

load the image , scan the image with code allow a few hundred shades of green , compare
the value of each pixel , note the depth in the image by the base of the color (the weed color), plot its location , snap a seperate image from a different angle repeat the above , now you have the weeds location.

it just gets simpler , believe me.

just make sure you dont use green dirt, LOL

I could even see how you could have bean picking robots.
corn picking robots , it would bossom into a gigantic robotics industry.

set it and forget it.

its a good thing there wernt so many nay sayers around when everything was getting invented , or we would still
be rubbing sticks together to make fire to cook what we just killed , because there is no refrigerators or ovens
or lights , or anything for that matter.

try optimism.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.