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maybe you just read my last reply wrong , I never said that the color would be used to identify the plants , I just said if the color is green and not in the designated location it is plucked.

maybe I wasnt to clear about that part.

No, you were not.

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I myself have planted seeds and have noticed how they for the most part shoot straight up after the sprouts leave the seed.
possibly veering no more than 1/8 inch further from where they are planted...depending on the seed size.
unless there are rocks or some other obstacle in there way.

Then you obviously haven't worked on a farm. We plant seeds using a machine then places individual seeds in a perfectly straight line, with the seeds centered an exact distance apart (a surprisingly simple device; basically a set of tubes set around a drum. Seeds run down the tubes, into the soil, while the drum turns). And yet, by the time the seeds sprouted you had rows of grain 2' wide or more, with irregularly spaced plants.

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listen I understand how something such as this would threaten your job , so I dont blame you for securing your future.

<sigh>, going for the insult angle I see.

As my profile clearly states, I work in the medical sciences. Whether or not someone develops an automated farming device of any sort has no direct impact on my life what-so-ever.

But hey, ignore my experience in both the areas your referring to - your gardening skills obviously make you the expert...

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after all , why would farmers need biologist if they grew there own seed , or were capable of growing there own seed as is the norm these days because of biologist fixing seeds so that they cant.

Interesting world you live in, where the very people who've made it possible for farming to actually be able to feed the 6+ billion people on this planet are the bad guys.