you'll inevitably have regions where pest species are exposed to sub-lethal doses of the agent. Any slight resistance will be selected for in these areas, leading over time to a population of organisms capable of handling higher doses of the agent. Repeat this over time, and eventually you select for a resistant pest species.

I 100% agree to this , as Im sure monsanto does also.
and Im also inclined to "believe" that monsanto along with
the other pesticide companies fully understand that they are
responcible for the resistant species.

just like BP is responcible for the oil leaking into the gulf.

farmers who can no longer grow crops due to the resistant species
that are the result of using these pesticides should be able to
recieve monetary loss recovery from monsanto and the other pesticide companies
along with those resturants that also are damaged by the pesticide use.

otherwise there is no end to what will happen , monsanto and the other similar
companies should be held responcible for their actions just like BP isbeing held responcible.

so when you think about it , as monsanto surely knows the damage they are
causing the conspiracy that you speak of is not conspiracy its fact.

of course getting them to admit that is another story.
and getting a biologist to admit to that is another story , like getting a oil
man to admit that burning oil is a bad thing for the environment.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.