the reason robots and especially small weed picking robots
are so expensive is they are not mass produced.

how much does it cost to build and deploy a communications satelight?

yet I can get tv , internet , telephone for apx $80.00 a month.

no where near the billions of dollars it cost to develope the satelight , build the rocket to put it in orbit or pay the salaries to all those involved.

but its the mass service contracts that pay the billions of cost.

just like the farming robots , but in mass production the small weed picking robots will be made of plastic , have photo comparison software in something like a cell phone sized computer
that takes a picture of the ground then determines the weeds position , then moves to that position and plucks up the weed.

it would resemble something like one of the remote controled
trucks or cars that you see selling in radio shack for around
$30.00 , it just doesnt have the photo comparison software or a
onboard camera array.

or a artificial weed plucking hand.

but with mass production those items cost would be greatly lowered also , just like the remote controlled truck and cars.

I said $300.00 because it would only be farmers mostly that would be purchasing the robots , not the general public , if this type of item would sell to the general public its cost might approach $50.00

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.