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I 100% agree to this , as Im sure monsanto does also.
and Im also inclined to "believe" that monsanto along with
the other pesticide companies fully understand that they are
responcible for the resistant species.

just like BP is responcible for the oil leaking into the gulf.

farmers who can no longer grow crops due to the resistant species
that are the result of using these pesticides should be able to
recieve monetary loss recovery from monsanto and the other pesticide companies

I don't agree here, for two reasons. Firstly, knowledge of evolution isn't hard to come buy. That inappropriate use of these products will lead to resistance is a well established fact, and it is upto the end user to take that into account and thus use the products properly. Secondly, the pesticide products I am familier with (I grew up on farms, and most of my family remain farmers) come with instructions on proper use - including on how to use them in a way that reduces the likelihood of resistance developing. I would argue that given the farmers should have this info at their disposal, it is therefore their responsibility to make sure they use these products appropriately.

The comparison to BP is simply wrong; a closer analogy would be the rise of antibiotic resistance. It isn't the antibiotics manufacturers fault this has occurred, but rather is the fault of the MD's who over-prescribed them, and the patients who misused them.

What you want to do is hold a manufacturer responsible for the mis-use of their product by a consumer. That's arse-backwards.

My family are largely farmers. They are not having problems with pesticide resistance, because they use the products properly. Why should farmers too stupid to follow the instructions on the bottle get a free pass? For that matter, why should the manufacturer be held responsible for their inability to follow the instructions on the bottle.