This is really a followup of Robs "can life exist in a computer" -post. I found this article so intriguing that I felt it needed a post of it's own.

Arguments that WE exist in a virtual reality (like the Matrix movie) are for example that all our surroundings can be described by numbers and formulas. This would be exactly what a programmer would do if creating us in a computer program. Albert Einstein once said that one of the greatest mysteries was that everything seemed to be explainable by math.

Swedish born philosopher Nick Bostr?m at the Oxford University of England claims that
at one time computers will be able to simulate human's and nature's complexity and we dont know if that limit has already been reached, and we exist in a simulation.

He furthermore consideres 3 options.
1) Humanity ends before we develop the technology. Our world is real.
2) We develop the technology, but doesn't use it because of the ethic grey areas.
3) The most plausible according to Bostr?m. We develop the technology and use it. Simulated worlds will rapidly increase. The moment simulated worlds exceeds "real" worlds, it is most probable that WE exist in a simulated world! eek

Far out, but I love the Matrix movies!
Johan VS

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