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Surprising spiral structure observed around dying star

Astronomers using the ALMA telescope in Chile have observed an unusual spiral structure in the gas surrounding the red giant star R Sculptoris. “We’ve seen shells around this kind of star before, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a spiral of material coming out from a star, together with a surrounding shell,” […]

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Credit card maxed out? Blame your sex drive

Foreclosures, credit card debt, bank bailouts – all symptoms of compulsive overspending, which a University of Michigan (UM) researcher believes can be explained by evolution. It all boils down, says UM’s Daniel Kruger, to making babies. Kruger tested his hypothesis in a sample of adults aged 18-45 and found that the degree of financial consumption […]

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An Inconvenient Galaxy

The discovery of two new components within a puzzling spiral galaxy confirm it must have a pair of arms winding in the opposite direction than that of most other galaxies, according to a study published in the Astronomical Journal. “While the existence of a galaxy with a pair of ‘backward’ arms may seem like an […]

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