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Solitons Observed In A Solid

An international team of researchers say they have observed evidence of solitary vibrations (solitons) in a solid. The scientists, from Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Argonne laboratories, and the Institute for Transuranium Elements in Germany, write about their discovery of random localized vibrations in a three dimensional solid in Physical Review Letters. The Scottish scientist […]

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Turbulent 73 Years Over For Physicists

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign believe they can now explain a phenomenon that has eluded explanation for over 70 years. Fluid turbulence, or more specifically, understanding and predicting the behavior of fluid friction, has baffled physicists for over 70 years. Fluid friction is a complicated business. Back in 1933, Johann Nikuradse measured […]

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Biochemists Turn To Quantum Physics

Charge is a property of electrons most people are familiar with while another property, spin, is lesser known and typically the preserve of physicists. Electron spin occurs in one of two opposing directions – up or down – and biochemists want to start factoring electron spin into their computer simulations of biochemical reactions to make […]

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Evidence For New Form Of Atomic Matter – The Pentaquark

An team of physicists has provided the best evidence to date of the existence of a new form of atomic matter, dubbed the “pentaquark.” The research team confirmed the existence of pentaquarks by using a different approach that greatly increased the rate of detection compared to previous experiments. The results are published in the journal […]

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