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Researchers expose Google’s massive network expansion

Google has dramatically increased the number of sites around the world from which it serves client queries, say researchers who accidentally discovered a massive repurposing of existing infrastructure to change the way that Google processes web searches. The researchers, from the University of Southern California, say they had not originally set out to document search […]

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Brain, Universe, Internet governed by same fundamental laws, suggests supercomputer simulation

By performing supercomputer simulations of the Universe, researchers have shown that the causal network representing the large-scale structure of space and time is a graph that shows remarkable similarity to other complex networks such as the Internet, as well as social and biological networks. A paper describing the simulations in the journal Nature’s Scientific Reports […]

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Schizophrenic computer models mental illness

A computer network that emulates schizophrenia is providing University of Texas at Austin researchers with important insights into the inner workings of schizophrenic brains. Writing about their work in Biological Psychiatry, the researchers explain that the computer neural network they used simulated the excessive release of dopamine in the brain. “The hypothesis is that dopamine […]

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Camera network plots meteorite landings

Researchers have discovered an unusual kind of meteorite in the Western Australian desert and thanks to an experimental camera network, were able to uncover exactly where in the solar system it came from. Meteorites can provide valuable information about the conditions that existed when the early solar system was being formed. However, information about where […]

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The happiness equation

Happiness is not just an individual experience, but is dependent on the happiness of others to whom individuals are connected directly and indirectly, and requires close proximity to spread, suggests a fascinating new study in the British Medical Journal. Professor Nicholas Christakis from Harvard Medical School and Professor James Fowler from the University of California, […]

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Tortoise-Hare Executive Functions Of Brain Identified

The human brain’s chain-of-command relies on not one, but two quite different – although complementary – command-and-control areas, according to neuroscientists at the Washington University School of Medicine. These two “commanders” are brain regions that do not consult each other but still work toward a common purpose – the control of voluntary, goal-oriented behavior. This […]

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