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Triple star system could reveal true nature of gravity

Astronomers have discovered a unique stellar system of two white dwarf stars and a superdense neutron star, all packed within a space smaller than Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The closeness of the stars allows the scientists to make the most accurate measurements yet of the system’s complex gravitational interactions, measurements that might resolve one […]

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Asteroid belt spotted around Vega

Astronomers say they have spotted evidence for an asteroid belt encircling Vega, a star 25 lights years from Earth and the second brightest in the northern sky. The new observations that utilized the Spitzer and Herschel telescopes hint that Vega could be much like our own solar system and may contain Earth-like planets. The discovery, […]

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Modified Newtonian dynamic could do away with dark matter

As modern cosmology comes to rely more and more on “dark matter” to explain otherwise inexplicable observations, there continues to be no direct proof that it actually exists. And even if it does exist, there is some doubt amongst physicists as to whether it would be able to reconcile all the discrepancies between actual measurements […]

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Gravity Equations Useful In Modeling Earthbound Phenomena

According to researchers from Penn State University and the University of Virginia, the spread of diseases by insects can be described by equations like those used to describe the force of gravity between planetary objects. The researchers explained that insects tend to transmit diseases in the course of feeding on plants, and their movement between […]

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