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Potent anti-aging mechanism identified

How well the integrity of our DNA is maintained is a critical factor in determining how our bodies age. Now, University of Rochester scientists say they have identified an “elite” repair mechanism that is rarely used but can greatly enhance the body’s natural preservation of genetic information. Writing in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the […]

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Collecting items can trigger obsessive-compulsive disorder

Whatever you collect – porcelain dolls, precious stones, shoes, thimbles, watches or fans – your hobby could easily become a psychological disorder that European researchers say affects more than 10 percent of the population. The researchers, from Granada University, say that as long as collectors exercise somecontrol, then “collecting items is good from a psychological […]

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Liver, not brain, may originate Alzheimer’s

Unexpected findings from a Scripps Research Institute study could completely alter prevailing notions about Alzheimer’s disease – pointing to the liver instead of the brain as the original source of the plaques that cause the disease. The findings, appearing in The Journal of Neuroscience Research, could point the way to a relatively simple approach for […]

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Alarming sperm quality decline in Finland

Over the last 10 years, Finnish researchers have charted a dramatic decline in both sperm quality and sperm counts in Finnish men. Additionally, cases of testicular cancer are skyrocketing and the scientific community is at a loss as to what could be having such an impact on male reproductive health. Reporting their findings in the […]

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Aspirin, ibuprofen linked to impotence

Erectile dysfunction is often one of the first symptoms men with cardiovascular disease exhibit, leading Kaiser Permanente researchers to believe that drugs such as aspirin (often taken to help prevent heart disease) would benefit erectile function, but instead they found just the opposite. Writing about their findings in The Journal of Urology, the researchers said […]

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Study finds no brain damage among ecstasy users

Prior studies that identified cognitive impairment in ecstasy (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) users were flawed, say the researchers behind a new study that indicates ecstasy users show no signs of cognitive impairment attributable to drug use. The new study, appearing in the journal Addiction, also claims that earlier research overstated the cognitive differences between ecstasy users and non-users. […]

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DNA tests create incest dilemma

The use of DNA microarrays to diagnose developmental disabilities and congenital anomalies in children can also unexpectedly identify that some of those children have been conceived through incest, creating social and legal issues that are now challenging the scientific community. To understand the ramifications of these chance discoveries, medical researchers from the Baylor College of […]

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Study links morning after pill to jump in STDs

Offering the morning after pill over-the-counter without fee in the UK has not reduced the number of teenage pregnancies and researchers at the University of Nottingham say it may be associated with a 12 percent hike in sexually-transmitted diseases in under-16s. Researchers David Paton and Sourafel Girma used local health authority data to study the […]

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